Dezza & Lewyn

Won't Let Go (Remixes)

These are the Sound Quelle, Valante and Warung remixes of Dezza & Lewyn's 'Won't Let Go'! A feast for the ears this week on Colorize as we bring you three outstanding remixes of track #8 from Dezza's latest album '44° North, 63° West'. 'Won't Let Go' with Lewyn is a highlight album cut with Dezza's classic sound merging superbly with Lewyn's splendid vocals, and first on remixing duties is one of Colorize's leading acts Sound Quelle with a typically driving, synth-heavy remix. Swedish producer Valante follows with an exquisite take built around lush pads and peppy synths, and Warung tie things up with their sublime, dream-like remix that makes stellar use of dazzling percussion and pulsating bass.

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